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Pictorial poetry by Katerina Grolliou.

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Images and symbols merge in Katerina's new thematic collection, unfolding their narration into Autumn and Winter at Grollio Art Store.

Spring-Summer 2010

Symbols and colours merge in a creative dance through Katerina’s jewellery, unfolding their narration into the spring and summer of 2010 at Grollio Art Store.


Groletter is Katerina Grolliou's regular newsletter.



Pictorial poetry by Katerina Grolliou.

"EPSILON" publications, 2006


I had always liked reading poetry, but had never written any poems... It was quite suddenly that a recess in my soul profusely released from its womb a stream of feelings, images and memories in verse, which sprang autonomous yet resolutely linked with my work in painting, sculpture and jewellery.

Messages transmitted by the soul are processed by the mind in its own unique construction. And all is twined and unwound in an incessant flow. Art provides a means for the artist to release this flow, which then sets out on its own course. Poetry is a means to access freedom, to discover and to know oneself, to communicate, through the beauty that words assume in the music of verse, the music that emanates from one's soul in a very individual way.

The verse below sums up what poetry is for me:
«Deep in my soul, memory paths I seek
Deep where the early memories rise
In memory paths I delve and seek
Aroused and savouring the journeys of my mind.»

Poetry comes into my work as an integral part of expression, especially when I feel that, to bring forth my feelings and ideas, I need to employ all my resources: sculpture, painting, poetry. My books thus contain pictorial poetry, combining verse with paintings in relief, sculpture and jewellery. A concept, image, memory or feeling is expressed through verse, painting and construction. There is no set sequence in which these are produced, but they invariably complement one another.

The journeys of my mind are a tribute to life, for its each and every day.


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